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 Stoney Baker flips again 
Rig inventor supreme 'stoney' comes up trumps with the follow on from his unique 'flip rig'. all will be revealed 

 PT leads 
New from the acme lead company - 'The PT cosmic crumper' - leads for the next millenium

 Special download           Up to date info on who's baiting and where - save a fortune on boilies - fish over the top.



'Gert Louster'  def... A mysterious west country carp angler who has penned many unique and informative articles on carp fishing before they seem to turn up in magazines re-written by another........


1. Beyond the flouro

2. Treesmill

3. Another Treesmill

4. Thoughts on a carp anglers wardrobe

5. Colour underwater

6. Swing back

7. It was nearly Tutti time

8. In praise of flouros