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If you have a picture of a fish caught on our products you'd like to see on the gallery just email me a digital image with a few details and we'll get it listed.














 Sol, aged 8,  with a Pb double figure common and in action with a nice mirror. All fell to Fireflys, top angling.




26lb 12oz     15mm  Chocolate Firefly                  30lb 4oz Wildmoor   15mm Camopop

Clint Elliot - UK PB Futurebaits boily                   Wayne Bateman - Tutti 15mm

WB - Cornish winter 20 - 'Tutti time'                  WB - 25lb+

WB - 30+ West country common                          WB - scaley 28lb+


True Leather      28lb 40z     Firefly                  Paul in the snow - 20lb+


'Alex at the Barn'     22lb      MC Dumbell                               Northants 25lb+


               Cornish 25lb 40z Mirror                      21lb Dark Linear  MC Dumbell


                       22lb 4oz Common                             Bake Lakes Ghosty 20lb 10oz


       Double figure Bristol Avon Barbel                 Welsh Mirror on the Maple


          Blair and a big one !                                                           And another


                        and a big forty                                  and an even bigger forty


Mr CLK himself Chris with a 25+                          Eddy the salmon angler 32lb January


                        Gwinear 17lber                                  Eddy and a winter 31lb Linear


                  Karl and a pretty 40lb+                      Northants Mill 30 Common Firefly


               Lee and a Bristol 20lb Mirror                        Kevin with a 53lb common


     Lee has another 20 - same day                      Lean mean Fighting machine (the fish)


                  WB on New years day                                  and in the spring too


  Leon with 'Blush'  from  Hunstrete                       and another 20lb+ fish


     Leon and a '  Huntstrete 23'                                  Luke and a nice 30lb Mirror


       Nurse Gladys with a 48                                    Mark Drake and a Berks 31lb 14oz


        Mark and a nice Berks 30                                Nottingham 27lb 4oz Mirror