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 PVA Friendly 
Cooked Particles that are PVA friendly. Hemp, maize, tigernuts and mixed particle that can go straight into a pva bag -

Real food-bait pop ups that glow in the dark. The Fireflys are a unique concept in hookbait design

I've created a range of natural pop ups. They are proving to be just what the fish want.



Future Baits new  factory

Feb 1st was a major step for us, we bought outright a brand new industrial building on a new  business park in North Cornwall and have set it up as an efficient, purpose designed bait making factory. Having the luxury of starting with a blank canvas has enabled me to get the layout right, the machinery right and in doing this it lets Steve and I make all the basemix, roll 750kg of 15mm or the magical ton of bigger baits and get them cooked and drying each day. There aren't many bait producing set ups in Britain that are producing 500kg of finished bait per person per day and so far this year just under 20 tons of boilies have passed through these doors, and it's only Easter!


Here is my latest toy, a 700 litre mixer to produce the basemixes. This mixer takes all the ingredients in 25kg sack multiples, giving a very consistent result and more importantly does half a ton in 15 minutes.





Not only does it mix the powders but it empties itself too!



500kg of TF Gear Amino Active CSL basemix     

Once the paste is mixed it needs to be extruded into a sausage. Here we have the business end of the extruder that will produce a continuous flow of paste ready to be rolled. This machine will easily put out a ton of 20mm sausage in about 4 hours.

20mm TF Gear Frusion, seconds away from being rolled

To really make the most of this machinery we can have a bit of fun while creating some unrivalled effects as you can see below.



This is the starting point in producing a mussel camopop, one of my totally unique hookbaits available from Cotswold Baits.




The finished pop up has a broken outline when in the lake, and has combined the use of a complicated combination of free aminos to give a 'natural' food signal  while trying to get away from the blatant floro hookbaits that are so overused these days. 



The bottom baits are batch dried and the pop ups are dried on trays in a heated, dehumidified room




From this tray of camopops you can see how the irregular colours and shapes completely breaks the round outline associated with normal boilies. This may or may not make a difference, but in clear water when trying to outwit fish that have seen it all I know what gives me more confidence.





We don't only roll round baits, here are the dumbbells, 1000's of them


White Chocolate Dumbbells, part of a 1400kg batch.